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N01:    divisibility rules

              determine if a number is divisible by 2, 5, 10
              determine if a number is divisible by 3, 6, 9
              determine if a number is divisible by 4, 8
              determine the factors of a given number
              determine the multiples of a given number

N02:    addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals

              adding decimals
              subtracting decimals
              multiplying decimals
              dividing decimals
              using estimation to determine a reasonable answer
              order of operations with decimal numbers

N03:    solve problems involving percent from 1% to 100%

              relate fractions, decimals and percent
              multiply a fraction by a whole number          
              determine the percent of a number
              sales tax
              discounts and sale prices

N04:    relationship between positive decimals and fractions

              Relate terminating decimals and fractions
              Relate repeating decimals and fractions

N05:    add and subtract positive fractions and mixed numbers, with like and unlike denominators
             Addition of fractions with a common denominator
             Addition of fractions with unlike denominators
             Addition of mixed numbers
             Subtraction of fractions with a common denominator
             Subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators
             Subtraction of mixed numbers        
             Simplify fractions
             Equivalent fractions

N06:    addition and subtraction of integers

              add integers
              subtract integers

N07:    compare and order positive fractions, decimals and whole numbers

              ordering fractions
              ordering decimals
              ordering fractions and decimals
              converting improper fractions to mixed numbers
              converting mixed numbers to improper fractions


M01:     Develop an understanding of circles
                determine the circumference of a circle

M02:     Develop and apply formulas for area of a circle, triangle and parallelogram
                area of a circle
                area of a triangle
                area of a parallelogram


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