Measurement: Time to the hour_DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Measurement: Time half past_DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Measurement: Time quarter after_DJCWA_Grade4_SSRSB

Measurement:Time quarter to _Grade 4_SSRSB

Measurement: Time to the minute_DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Measurement: Telling Time Analog vs Digital_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Measurement: Telling Time Elapsed Time_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Measurement: Time 24-hour clock_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Measurement: Calendar Time_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Measurement: Time Assessment_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB



Representing Whole Numbers_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Front End Addition_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Front End Addition Extended_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Adding from Left to Right_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Adding from Right to Left Strategy_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Subtraction Strategies_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Multiplication Strategies_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Multiplication Strategy: Expanding the Number_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Fractions of a Whole_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Fractions of a Set_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Fraction Benchmarks

Relating Fractional Parts of Different Wholes and Sets

Comparing and Ordering Fractions: Same Numerators and Denominators_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Exploring Tenths_DJCWAGrade 4_SSRSB

Exploring Hundredths_DJCWAGrade 4_SSRSB

Adding Decimals to Tenths_DJCWAGrade 4_SSRSB

Subtracting Decimals to Tenths_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Adding and Subtracting Decimals to Hundredths_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Number: Equivalent Decimals_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Number: Division using arrays_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Number: Multiplication Word Problems_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Number: Division with remainders_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Number: Word wall_DJCWA_Gr 4_SSRSB

Patterns and Relations

Patterns: Sorting Number Venn_DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Patterns: Patterns in Charts_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB

Patterns: Finding Patterns in Hundred Charts DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Patterns: Extending Patterns_DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Patterns: Sorting Numbers Carroll Diagrams_DJCWA_Gr4_SSRSB

Patterns: Representing patterns_DJCWA_Gr.4_SSRSB


LeGrow_Oreo Stacking Challenge_HRSB

LeGrow_Representing Number Candy Corn_HRSB

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