Writer’s Workshop Part 1 Using Your Senses_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Searching for Memories Part 1_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Searching for Memories Part 2_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Searching for Memories Part 3_O’Leary_HRSB


Exploring Communities_Sanford_HRSB 

All About Me Part 1_Sanford_HRSB

All About MePart 2_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 3 I wonder_O’Leary_HRSB

Making Connections with “Up Home” by Shauntay Grant_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Inspired by Art (Storybird)_O’Leary_HRSB

dentifying Descriptive Words & Making Connections_Sanford_HRSB

All About Me – Creating an Artistic representation_Sanford_HRSB

All About Me Share and Reflection_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 1 I wonder_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 2 I wonder_O’Leary_HRSB

Using Descriptive Words in your Writing_Sanford_HRSB

How to conduct an Experiment_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 1 All About Me_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 2 All About Me_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 3 All About Me_O’Leary_HRSB

Creating Questions Part 1-Materials & Structures_Sanford_HRSB

Creating Questions Part 2 Materials&Structures_Sanford_HRSB

Personal Narrative Writing – A Special Place_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 1 Book Review_O’Leary_HRSB

Mapping Skills_Sanford_HRSB

Mapping Skills_Sanford_HRSB

Where is Nova Scotia_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop What are you passionate about? (Ideas)_O’Leary_HRSB

Citizenship Par1_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 2 Book Review_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s & Reader’s Workshop Part 1 Non-Fiction Movies_O’Leary_HRSB

Writer’s & Reader’s Workshop Part 2 Non-Fiction Movies_O’Leary_HRSB

Friends:Solving Problems_Sanford_HRSB

Writer’s Workshop Part 3 Non-Fiction Movies_O’Leary_HRSB

Plant Growth and Changes_Dafoe_HRSB

Descriptive Writing_LeGrow_Grade 3 

LeGrow_The Best Part of Me_HRSB



Grant_WritingBeltsLesson 1_HRSB

Grant_WritingBeltsLesson 2_HRSB

Grant_WritingBeltsLesson 3_HRSB




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