Create and Publish

In the 21st Century classroom students are encouraged to share what they have created and the audience is often the world!

Students can now get feedback on their projects from people they have never met, simply by posting online. Students’ creations connected in a relevant way to their personal lives and issues they care about, both engages and motivates them at unprecedented levels.

The creative process is a phenomenally engaging activity. Time seems to stand still when students are creating something they are passionated about. Once created the decision of how to publish it becomes as important as the creation part.

An important part of the creative and publishing process is constantly paying attention to appropriate use and digital citizenship. Once the post is posted or the tweet tweeted there is no unhinging the bell. This is more and more important in this digital age where cyber bullying can be considered a criminal act

Students who use technology in their personal lives are often comfortable posting information online and teachers need to explore with students the best ways to go about this. Digital Citizenship must be front and centre as part of the curriculum in all 21st Century classrooms. Teachers need to talk to children about how to live digital lifestyles that are informed, safe, and healthy.

Students learn to make good decisions by making decisions, not by following directions..Alfie Kohn

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