As of September 2012 all students in classes P through 12 have been educated entirely in the 21st Century. That’s right, the class of 2013 started primary September 2000. Which means that they have truly grown up as “digital natives”. Digital Natives, Screenagers, Gen Y, iGen, or Millennials have all grown up interfacing with screens in an interactive way. Their brains have been wired to intuit their way through the maze of cyberspace.
So how do we educate these over stimulated, hypertextual students? How do we make education relevant to them? How do we create activities that will engage them? The answer might me closer than you think. By adapting pedagogy from the 20th Century with the technologies students own and are comfortable with, we can create a cohort of motivated and creative problem solvers ready to tackle the 21st Century…or the 85% of it that is left!

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